Sunset Overdrive

"Sunset Overdrive" is a single released on September 9th 2021.

Sunset Overdrive is the most energetic track we ever composed. We wanted it to be a non-stop train of synths and percussions, with a heavy punkrock feeling. We condensed every emotions in a slight shorter product (2:28) in order to focus on the production and recording.

Did you ever feel out of place, a fish out of water? This song wants to give you the energy to understand that every once in a while is something that cannot be avoided. Accept it and try to adapt to the situation, make yourself flexible and enjoy the wave.

A project made possible by these people


Marco Mazzucato, Stefano Franceschetto

Photos & NFT

Carlotta Bianco, Daniele Bagolin

Graphic Design

Luca Fattore


Giovanni Bottan (Guitar Recording)

Production, Mix & Master

Overdrive Recording Studio